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      2019-08-22英譯現代散文●白馬湖之冬 ◎ 夏丏尊

      白馬湖之冬Winter in White Horse Lake◎ 夏丏尊◎ Xia Mianzun在我過去四十余年的生涯中,冬的情味嘗得最深刻的,要算十年前初移居... [查看全文]

      2019-08-21雙語|現代散文:萬全 搪瓷茶缸

      The Enamel Mug 搪瓷茶缸◎ Wan Quan ◎ 萬全Whenever I visit a department store,I always take delight in seeing t... [查看全文]

      2019-08-21雙語|現代散文:英培安 欣賞自己

      On Self-Appreciation欣賞自己◎ Ying Pei'an◎ 英培安Frankly,I very much appreciate myself.Yes,I admit I'm in many r... [查看全文]

      2019-08-21雙語|現代散文:葉夢 今夜,我是你的新娘

      I'm Your Bride Tonight今夜,我是你的新娘◎ Ye Meng◎ 葉夢Yesterday you said to me,“Let's get married!”That's some... [查看全文]

      2019-08-20雙語|現代散文:三毛 不死鳥

      The Surviving Bird不死鳥◎ San Mao◎ 三毛Over a year ago,the Book Enthusiast magazine asked me to write an artic... [查看全文]

      2019-08-20雙語|現代散文:馮驥才 富人區

      The Wealthy Quarter富人區◎ Feng Jicai◎ 馮驥才In Los Angeles,an American friend of mine drove me to an affluent... [查看全文]

      2019-08-20雙語|現代散文:張曉風 高處何處有

      —To Students of the Graduating Class贈給畢業同學◎ Zhang Xiaofeng◎ 張曉風Long,long ago,in a very,very faraway pl... [查看全文]

      2019-08-19雙語|現代散文:張曉風 我喜歡

      I Love…我喜歡◎ Zhang Xiaofeng◎ 張曉風I love the winter sun spreading out behind the morning haze.I love the p... [查看全文]

      2019-08-18雙語|現代散文:金圣華 一座長橋

      A Long Bridge一座長橋◎ Jin Shenghua◎ 金圣華Translation is like a bridge with a very different climate and landsc... [查看全文]

      2019-08-17雙語|現代散文:金圣華 書與人

      Books and Man書與人◎ Jin Shenghua◎ 金圣華A friend of mine,having been actively involved in the arena of love f... [查看全文]