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      2019-08-21英語四級閱讀練習附答案-153 南極洲科研考察

        Antarctica has actually become a kind of space station a unique observation post for detecting important chang... [查看全文]

      2019-08-21英語四級閱讀練習附答案-152 男女合校

        Imagining being asked to spend twelve or so years of your life in a society which consisted only of members... [查看全文]

      2019-08-20英語四級閱讀練習附答案-151 走私分子

        Although the top men in smuggling business must work together, most of a syndicate&#39;s small fry, especially... [查看全文]

      2019-08-20英語四級閱讀練習附答案-150 經濟計劃評論

        President Arling has put his long awaited economic restructuring program before the Congress. It provides a co... [查看全文]

      2019-08-19英語四級閱讀練習附答案-149 要求政府禁煙

        If you smoke and you still don&#39;t believe that there&#39;s a definite link between smoking and bronchial t... [查看全文]

      2019-08-14英語四級閱讀練習附答案-148 歌星的生活

        Pop stars today enjoy a style of living which was once the prerogative only of Royalty. Wherever they go, p... [查看全文]

      2019-08-13英語四級閱讀練習附答案-147 考試的弊端

        We might marvel at the progress made in every field of study, but the methods of testing a person&#39;s kno... [查看全文]

      2019-08-12英語四級閱讀練習附答案-146 笑與幽默

        Biologically, there is only one quality which distinguishes us from animals: the ability to laugh. In a unive... [查看全文]

      2019-08-09英語四級閱讀練習附答案-145 希臘的旅游業

        Greece, economically, is in the black. With very little to export other than such farm products as tobacco, ... [查看全文]

      2019-08-06英語四級閱讀練習附答案-144 偉大的思想家

        No one can be a great thinker who does not realize that as a thinker it is her first duty to follow her... [查看全文]