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      第20章 謂 語 20.3 表語






      20.3 表 語

      20.3.1 表語表示法


      1) 名詞:

      He proved a trustworthy friend. 結果證明他是一個可靠的朋友。

      You're looking a different person. 你看起來像是換了一個人。

      2) 代詞:

      Seventy-four! You don't look it. 七十四啦!你看起來可不像。

      It's something to be home again without an accident. 能再次平安到家真不簡單。

      3) 數詞:

      My daughter is sixteen next month. 我女兒下月十六歲。

      Gordon Johncock was third. 戈登·約翰科克是第三名。

      4) 形容詞:

      He has gone mad (blind). 他瘋了(眼睛瞎了)。

      She looked quite cheerful (a little tired). 她看上去挺高興(有點累)。

      5) 分詞:

      My teacher is both gentle and encouraging towards me. 我的老師既對我很溫和又督促我學習。

      Where is Shakespeare buried? 莎士比亞埋葬在哪里?

      6) 動名詞:

      My aunt's hobby is growing roses. 我姑姑的愛好是種玫瑰花。

      His first job had been selling home computers. 他的第一份工作是銷售家用電腦。

      7) 不定式:

      An alternative plan might be for you to go to Lyon. 另一個計劃可能是讓你到里昂去。

      All you have to do is to press this button. 你只需按一下這個電鈕。

      8) 副詞:

      I'm off to Europe on Monday. 我星期一動身去歐洲。

      Sales are down. 銷售量下降了。

      9) 介詞短語:

      The Conservatives were once more in power. 保守黨再次當政。

      His show is on the air at six o'clock. 他的節目六點鐘播放。


      They are twice the size of chickens. 它們有雞的兩倍大。

      That would be a great weight off my mind. 這會了卻我一大心事。

      11) 從句:

      That's where we differ. 這就是我們的分歧所在。

      Money is what they are after. 他們追逐的是金錢。


      20.3.2 表語從句


      1) 由that引導的表語從句(that有時省略):

      The fact is (that) she never liked him. 事實是她從未喜歡過他。

      Their first idea was that he had hidden it. 他們的第一個想法是他把它藏起來了。

      The reason Hollywood was a good place for making movies was that the sunshines there every day. 好萊塢是拍電影的好地方,原因是那里天天有太陽。

      His only fault is that he lacks ambition. 他唯一的缺點是缺乏雄心壯志。

      My point is that you may have to face the problem. 我的看法是你也許得面對這個問題。

      The trouble was they couldn't agree among themselves. 問題是他們內部意見都不能統一。

      2) 由連接代(副)詞引導的表語從句:

      That's how matters stand. 情況就是如此。

      That's not what I meant. 這不是我的意思。

      That was why he spoke French so funnily. 這就是他法語講得這樣滑稽的原因。

      That's where the battle took place. 這就是那次戰役發生的地方。

      His first question was whether Holmes had arrived yet. 他第一個問題是福爾摩斯到了沒有。

      The question is who's responsible for what has happened. 問題是發生了這事該誰負責。

      3) 由關系代詞型的what引導的從句:

      I want to be a teacher. That's what I want to be. 我想當教師,這是我的志愿。

      Times aren't what they were. 時代不同了。

      Your mother's health is not what it used to be. 你母親的身體已大不如前了。

      That's what we are here for. 這就是我們來這里的目的。

      That's not what she is after. 這不是她追求的東西。

      She's no longer what she used to be. 她已不是過去的她了。


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