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      This is why it always worth,just checking out dry riverbeds the animal tracks.See these? 這么做總是值得的 檢查一下干涸的河床上面動物的痕跡 看見了嗎

      That's where he scurried across soft ground left the imprint, 這是它疾馳過柔軟的地面 留下的印記

      and then gone off again into the leaves. This is a really clear one here. 然后消失在樹葉深處 這個印記很清晰

      And that's more likely gonna be deer.You see the heart shape to it. 極有可能是鹿留下的 你看這個心形的印記

      Around here, that probably means Whitetail. 在這附近 可能是 白尾鹿

      If there's more tracks around here,it'd be a good place to set a trap. 如果這附近有更多的印記 這就是一個設陷阱的好地方

      Really obvious game trail all the way down to the water.You see that? 很明顯 蹤跡一路延伸至水邊 看見了嗎

      You don't, ideally, want set a trap where they're drinking,that's where they are most aware. 在它們飲水的地方設陷阱并不明智 在這它們格外警惕

      You want to catch them en route there.This is where I'm gonna set the trap wire. 最好在途中捕獲它 我要在這個地方設下陷阱繩

      I'm gonna make a simple snare using paracord, 我打算設一個簡單的陷阱用降落傘繩

      some wood,and a ring from my backpack.Okay.That's set. 一些樹枝 還有我背包上的一個拉壞 好了 做好了

      And the idea is an animal comes along,knocks this trap wire,that releases this ring. 我的想法是動物經過這里 絆到這根陷阱繩 就會松開這個拉壞

      That little bit of wood trigger flips up, 觸發這小塊木頭彈起

      and this bit of wood attached to the deadfall weight shoots up pulling this noose tight, 這塊木頭連接著陷阱上的重物 向上射出 拉緊索套

      hopefully around the animal's hoof and up off the ground. 希望能套住動物的蹄子 把它帶離地面

      That's a theory, anyway,give it a test. 但這只是理論 試驗一把

      Animal comes along,foot in there, trigers the trap wire,foot in there, trigers the trap wire, 動物走了過來 腳放在這里 觸動了陷井繩 就這樣被抓住了

      My trap is set.Now to head downwind and wait. 我的陷阱設好了 現在找個下風向的地方等著

      My next challenge And it's a wild boar.I'm doing battle with a feisty foe 我的下一個挑戰是 一頭野豬 我的對手脾氣可不太好

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