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        31) drag 沒勁的事

        It's such a drag to deal with them again and again.

        32) roll 走,離開。(今天還聽一人說Ready to roll?來著)

        Are you ready to roll? Let's roll.

        33) nuts 瘋

        Are you nuts? The trafic drives me nuts.

        34) freak out 緊張害怕

        Don't freak out if cops pull you over.

        35) rip off 騙了(錢了)

        I realized I was ripped off after payed $200 for these shoes.

        36 bug 討厭

        Stop bugging me with your plan. I won't do it with you

        37 shrink: A psychotherapist 心理醫生

        38 airhead: A silly, rather unintelligent person.

        His girlfriend is an airhead.

        39 a-yo 比較隨便的打招呼,近似于"What' up?" "Hey!"

        40 buzz 打電話 Give me a buzz when you reach home.

        41 bread: money. breadwinner 養家的人

        42 booty 屁股 Check out her booty!

        43 boob 乳房

        44 cheesey 很沒品味,很土=corny

        The gift I receieved from Ryan is cheesey.

        45 cig: cigarette的縮寫 You got a cig?

        46 crap: nonsense

        What he said is crap. Don't believe a word of it.

        47 fucked up 可以表達很多意思,比如“糟透了,笨死了”

        You are pretty fucked up.

        48 freaky: weird

        He's a freaky guy.=He is a freak.

        49 flick: movie

        That was a good flick.

        50 get on (one's) nerves: to annoy

        You really get on my nerves.

        51 goof 笨蛋 goofy=silly

        52 hang out (和朋友)出去消遣

        53 hooker 妓女

        54 hot 迷人

        Man, that girl was hot!

        She is such a hottie!

        55 juicy 桃色八卦的 a juicy scandal

        56 jerk 粗蠢之人

        57 jerk off: to masturbate

        48 jackass “公驢”,說人就是“蠢驢”的意思, MTV臺就有一檔叫JACKASS的節目,專門表演一些無聊又愚蠢的玩意兒逗樂

        49 pimp 拉皮條的

        50 puke: vomit

        There's puke on the floor.

        51 pussy: vagina

        52 redneck (美國的)鄉巴佬

        53 sassy: styling. 時髦的

        Those clothes are sassy!

        54 nifty 棒,一流的

        Here's a list of all-around nifty things that we've found over the years.

        55 screw up : err;mess up

        They screwed up that paint job.

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