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      2019-08-03 14:31:03  每日學英語
      It goes without saying

      It goes without saying is used to introduce a fact that is clearly and obviously true.
      It goes without saying用于介紹一件很清楚明顯的事實。

      You might wonder why we bother to use this phrase at all. Why not just say the thing that's true, without introducing it with "it goes without saying"? Well, we tend to use it to give extraemphasis to how obviously true the sentence is, or how it is believed to be true by most people.
      你可能會說了:為什么我們要用it goes without saying,而不是直接把這個事實說出來呢?其實,我們更傾向于用它來強調事情有多真實,或者大多數人認為它是對的。

      Let's say your friend is going to have surgery, and asks you for a big favor, if you can drive him home from the hospital. You might respond with, Of course it goes without saying! This is away to say Yes, because we are such good friends, it's CLEAR that I will help you!