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      有聲雙語閱讀 | 蒸汽的秘密

      2019-08-05 09:22:42  每日學英語

      James Watt and the Teakettle


      A little scotch boy was sitting in his grandmother's kitchen. He was watching the red flames in the wide open fireplace and quietly wondering about the causes of things. Indeed, he was always wondering and always wanting to know.


      "Grandma," he presently asked, "what makes the fire burn?" This was not the first time he had puzzled his grandmother with questions that she could not answer. So she went on with her preparations for supper and paid no heed to his query. Above the fire an old-fashioned teakettle was hanging. The water within it was beginning to bubble. A thin cloud of steam was rising from the spout. Soon the lid began to rattle and shake. The hot vapor puffed out at a furious rate. Yet when the lad peeped under the lid he could see nothing.


      "Grandma, what is in the asked?"

      "Water, my child—nothing but water."

      "But I know there is something else. There is something in there the lid and makes it rattle."

      The grandmother laughed. "Oh, that is only steam," she said. "You can see it coming out of the spout and puffing up under the lid."

      "But you said there was nothing but water in the kettle. How did the steam get under the lid?" "Why, my dear, it comes out of the hot water. The hot water makes it."

      “奶奶,壺里裝的是什么呀?”他問道。“水呀,孩子,沒有別的東西。”“但是我知道還有別的東西,里面有東西在把壺蓋頂起來,而且使壺蓋咯咯響。” 奶奶笑了起來,說:“啊那是蒸汽。你可以看見蒸氣從壺口冒出來,還在壺蓋底下噗吱噗吱著。”“但你剛才說壺里只有水,沒有別的東西。那么壺蓋底下的蒸氣又是打哪兒來的呢?”“噯,親愛的,它是從熱水里出來的。熱水產生蒸氣。”

      The grandmother was beginning to feel puzzled. The lad lifted the lid and peeped inside again. He could see nothing but the bubbling water. The steam was not visible until after it was fairly out of the kettle. "How queer! " he said. "The steam must be very strong to lift the heavy iron lid. Grandma, how much water did you put into the kettle?" "About a quart, Jamie." “Well, if the steam from so little water is so strong, why would not the steam from a great deal of water be a great deal stronger?


      Why couldn't it be made to lift a much greater weight? Why couldn't it be made to turn wheels?" The grandmother made no reply. These questions of Jamie's were more puzzling than profitable , she thought. She went about her work silently, and Jamie sat still in his place and studied the teakettle.